Donate forest

If you own a forest that you wish to be preserved for all time, you can donate it to Naturarvet . Our statutes guarantee that the forest will never be logged or otherwise exploited.

You can also donate forests without biological conservation value. Forests that do not currently have conservation value can, with the right conditions, develop into fine natural forests in the long term. If you wish, we can also exchange pure production forest for old-growth forest that has biological protection values.

A property is often made up of different types of land, so if you want to transfer specific forest land, a division and a new land registration must be made by the land registry. The foundation also has to apply for and obtain acquisition permission, so expect it to take some time to transfer a property.

In order for a deed of transfer to be valid and to serve as the basis for a captive deed in a land formation, it must contain the following:


State that you are transferring as a gift, without any claim for consideration, the whole or part (expressed as fractional number or as forest land of xx ha) of the Property "Kommun Beteckning" (e.g. "Ale Sålanda 2:22").

Also indicate whether or not there are mortgage bonds attached to the property included in the transfer and state their value and that they are in your possession. If mortgages are transferred, make sure that there are no liens on the mortgages and indicate this in the transfer document. Otherwise, it may be necessary to kill unencumbered mortgages at the time of transfer.

Indicate the value of the property or part of the property as determined either by valuation, in which case a certificate of value is attached, or as the assessed value (which need not be indicated) in the year preceding the year in which the property was transferred.


For each legal owner:
Your name, social security number, address
Spouse's approval of the transfer if you are the sole legal owner.


Name: Fundraising Foundation Naturarvet
Organisationsnummer: 802424-1393
Address: Björksäter 1, 64991 Sparreholm


place, date, your handwritten signature and your spouse's signature to certify that the spouse approves the transfer if you are the sole holder of the title.


Two unsworn witnesses (not the recipient) who sign and indicate that the above signature is witnessed, and
name, address, telephone

If you have questions or need help drawing up a gift document:

Please contact Lo Jarl

Mobile: 070-648 47 89
E-mail: lo[at]