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Make a Tompkins - Dougifiera your world!

Doug Tompkins is the man who, together with his wife Kristine, took large portions of his capital and bought land equivalent to the entire area of Skåne. They bought the land just to be able to protect it, which led to the creation of a number of national parks in Patagonia in February 2018, equivalent to the entire area of nature reserves in Sweden. Doug sadly passed away in a canoeing accident in 2015, but you can follow his example and promote old-growth forest biodiversity by making a "Tompkins" yourself.

  1. Donate shares and/or funds tax-free to Naturarvet. Contact Lo Jarl if you have any questions or would like help in drawing up a simple gift deed. Want to be anonymous? Talk to a contact at your bank about how to transfer shares or funds. Our custody account numbers are listed below.
  2. Naturarvet sells the shares/funds and since the proceeds are used for public benefit, the capital gain is tax-free. All the capital you give to Naturarvet goes directly to the Naturarvet Fund.


To "Dougifier" your world - give back to nature the right to be left alone from human predation. Through Naturarvet you give your gift to the Swedish old-growth forest, which is thus preserved for all time.

Almost half of the amount raised for Skarnhålan old-growth forest came from a gift of shares and funds that opened up the possibility and was the starting point for acquiring the 40 hectares of magical natural forest in Risveden that will now be preserved in perpetuity.

Your gift could be the start of buying the next magical old-growth forestsomewhere in Sweden.

Gift recipients:

The Fundraising Foundation Naturarvet Björksäter 1 64991 Sparreholm 802424-1393

Naturarvet custody accounts: Nordea Custody account 1379874.1