Make a will

You are welcome to make a bequest to Naturarvet. For your will to be legally binding, you must comply with the law, i.e. the Inheritance Act (1958:637) and state the following in your will:

Testator (male) / Testatrix (female):

Your name, social security number and address.

My ultimate will:

I decide as my last will and testament how my estate will be distributed when I die.

The beneficiary(ies) of the will, of which Naturarvet is indicated as follows:

Name: Fundraising Foundation Naturarvet
Organisation number: 80 24 24-1393
Address: Björksäter 1, 649 91 Sparreholm

What you want to bequeath to each beneficiary:

Please explain specifically to each legatee what property you wish to bequeath (e.g. a certain amount of money, a certain number of shares of a certain type, all or part of a fund with a certain designation, all or part of a property, the right to use property, e.g. the return on a fund or the intellectual property rights to a work that can earn royalties, etc.). You can also specify a certain proportion of your estate, e.g. all or 1/2 of the property remaining after the breast heirs (surviving children) have received their intestate estate.

When you indicate what the property consists of and it concerns a real estate, the designation of the property and the share as a fraction of the property that is transferred must always be indicated in order for the will to be valid as a deed in the case of real estate formation. It may also be the case that if you own a property in the municipality of Skog called Gammelskogen 1:2 which consists of 40 ha of forest and 10 ha of other land and you want to bequeath the forest, then you indicate that the property being transferred to the legatee consists of:

The part of the property transferred to the testator is the forest land of 40 ha, which constitutes 4/5 of the area of the property designated Skog Gammelskogen 1:2 at a value equal to the assessed value of the forest land in the year preceding the year in which the property was transferred.


Once you have signed the will with the place, date and your signature, this must be witnessed by two disinterested witnesses, i.e. they must not be the beneficiaries of the will. They must also know that it is a will that you are signing and they must see you sign the will at the same time, but you can conceal the content of the will if you wish. Witnesses must sign their name, profession and place of residence. This is how the attestation can be expressed in the will:

That (name of testator/testatrix), known to us personally, has this day of his/her sound and full mind and of his/her own free will declared the foregoing instrument to be his/her last will and testament, and has signed his/her name thereon, the undersigned, specially requested and witnesses being present at the same time, do solemnly declare.

Place and date as above
Witness 1: name, profession, address
Witness 2: name, profession, address

Keep in mind that:

Your estate by law can be inherited to some extent (children's estate is half the estate) and that the surviving spouse without common children is entitled to four basic amounts. If you have no heirs, your entire estate goes to the General Inheritance Fund unless you have made a will.

For more information and help with drawing up a will, contact a lawyer experienced in wills. If you would like to talk to Naturarvet , please contact Lo Jarl, 070-648 47 89, lo[at]