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Iglekärr old-growth forest becomes nature reserve

Contact persons:

Västra Götaland County Council
Peter Post
Biologist/Conservation admin.
010-224 47 29
0702-88 54 43

Lo Jarl
General Manager/Ecologist
073-109 95 12

Press Officer:
Anita Nilsson
010-224 45 46
0736-60 51 18

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Västra Götaland County Council has declared the 75 hectare Iglekärr’s old-growth forest in Ale municipality a protected nature reserve. The decision means that the diverse mixed forest and several threatened species around lake Stora Iglekärr will be preserved. By the lake you can also sit down on the sculpted wooden bench carved of an oak from Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

Around 40 species indicating that the forest has a value for conservation have been identified in Iglekärr old-growth forest near Skepplanda, some 40 km north of Gothenburg. Of these species, 17 are listed on the national red list of threatened species and 35 are indicator species according to the list specified by the Swedish Forest Agency. Indicator species can be used to determine ecosystems with high conservation value.

– The forest around Stora Iglekärr has been the object of a fundraising campaign of Insamlingsstiftelsen Naturarvet (~”The Nature Heritage Charitable Trust”) for several years with the aim of preserving the forest for all future. The object of the campaign is now successfully completed, says Peter Post, Biologist at the County Council.

In 2012 Naturarvet signed a contract to purchase the forest from three separate owners and started the fundraising campaign to be able to pay the purchase sum. Over the years a considerable number of people, companies and other organizations have donated funds leading up to the target of having paid half the sum by last December. At this point the County Council decided to chip in the rest of the final payment in order to cement the preservation of the forest.

Iglekärr nature reserve mainly consists of old-growth, sparse, mixed forest, dominated by scots pine accompanied chiefly by spruce and birch. In the numerous escarpments many oaks and aspen are also present. Centrally in the area is lake Stora Iglekärr, where you may encounter the radiant red variety of the European white water lily (Nymphaea alba f. Rosea), directly stemming from the original lake Fagertärn site where the red mutation first was discovered.

By the lake you can also enjoy a moments rest on the fantastic 10 feet long tribute bench (at coordinates 57.985834, 12.256800), carved from a dead oak collected in the botanical gardens of Gothenburg by internationally renowned chainsaw sculptor Tommy Craggs on commission by Naturarvet and with funds from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, who also contributed the missing funds for the final payment of the forest.

For the convenience of visitors to Iglekärr nature reserve, the County Council will lay down a path in the area as well as constructing a parking lot for a few cars along the road between Skepplanda and Kvarnabo at these coordinates 57.989872, 12.258848.