The Campaign #MoreThanAPenny by Naturarvet is inspired by a spectacular donation sent by mail from Penny in England, who found some old Swedish money when moving houses. The total sum of SEK 1 750 kr will be exchanged for valid money at Riksbanken, at a fee of SEK 100. So we thought we’ll try and collect more old money to exchange at the same time, also money that soon will be invalid. Old banknotes of values SEK 1000, 50 and 20 are already invalid and old ones with values SEK 100 and 500 will be invalid by June 30. Read more about old invalid banknotes here.

That’s why we now invite you to send your old invalid banknotes to: Naturarvet, Björksäter 1, 64991 Sparreholm, SWEDEN, and we’ll make sure those useless banknotes are turned into invaluable Swedish old-growth forest, preserved as a nature heritage forever. Please share the campaign #MoreThanAPenny. Here’s the letter and the gift of old invalid money that inspired us to launch the campaign.