Old-growth forest

Most people know that Sweden is a country with many forests. But not as many people know that only a very small part of it is untouched forest, so-called old-growth forest. The worst thing is that half of these forests have no secure protection, and they are being felled faster than they are protected. Naturarvet wants to change that.

Biodiversity ❤️ The future of mankind = True!

In the old-growth forest, nature is left alone. Dead trees fall to the ground and nourish new life. There are soft cushions of moss, berries and mushrooms grow here. Old lichen-covered trunks stand side by side with young trees. There are endangered animals and plants that can only live in untouched forests. Carbon dioxide is absorbed from the air by photosynthesis in the green needles and leaves of trees and berry bushes, and the carbon is stored mainly in the soil through the underground network of roots and fungi.

What happens when old-growth forests are cut down? The trees become largely fuel wood that is burned, increasing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Forestry machines leave deep wounds in the ground, allowing stored carbon to seep into the water and eventually rise into the atmosphere. Global warming gets a further boost. Only a few trees are left in the clearings. Here, endangered species cling on like castaways on an inhospitable island. Most do not survive.

Species extinction and the climate crisis are linked. When Naturarvet buys a old-growth forest , it is protected forever. Endangered species get to keep their homes and biodiversity is enhanced. Trees and soils retain and continue to store carbon, so the climate crisis does not worsen. Naturarvet guarantees through its statutes that the forest it buys will never be farmed, logged or sold.

Today (2022-12-31), about 3% of Sweden's land area is formally protected productive forest land. The same proportion of area that is built up and the same proportion of area of productive forest land that is still unprotected. Several times more of the remaining unprotected area old-growth forest has been felled in the last two decades than has been protected.

This is why Naturarvet exists, to give everyone the opportunity to participate and protect Sweden's last old-growth forests. And it is urgent... various calculations show that in 10-40 years it will be too late. Click here to and join us now to slow down the climate crisis and give endangered species a sanctuary to live in and current and future generations a place to enjoy.

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