Ännamu View

Key biotope

The forest is classified as a key biotope by the Swedish Forest Agency and has very high nature values and a high social value. Despite this, the forest was threatened with logging because the forest area was too large (70 hectares, of which about 10 hectares consist of lake and marshland) for the Forestry Commission to make it a biotope protection area and too small for the County Administrative Board's priorities.

Nature reserve?

In 2017, we made a verbal agreement with the County Administrative Board that Ännamusskogen will be included in the long-planned extension of the nature reserve for Pärlälvens Fjällurskog. It will take a while longer, and then it's nice to know that the Naturarvet's ownership of Ännamusskogen means that it is already protected from all forestry for all time.

Animals & plants

The forest is home to such species as the sidetail, the scrub jay, the capercaillie, the three-toed woodpecker, the crossbills, the great lynx, the moose, the reindeer, the lynx, the wolverine and the bear. Many of the fungi and lichens that require a forest with both really old trees, dead trees and fallen trees can be found here. Examples of these are blue lichen, old spruce caterpillar, white-capped black woodpecker, violet mussel, rose thistle, cheese thistle, crevice spurge, dwarf beech lichen, broomrape, ludd lichen, flesh lichen and white moss lichen.

Red-listed species found in the forest

Birds Screech owl, NT- Special concern Three-banded woodpecker, VU- Vulnerable Lichens Knotty bladderwort, NT- Special concern White-throated black woodpecker, NT- Special concern Dwarf beech lichen, NT- Considerate Scabious, NT- Considerate Fungi Old Spruce, NT- Considerate Purple Mussel, NT- Considerate Rose Thistle, NT- Considerate Cheese Thistle, VU- Vulnerable Source: Inventory carried out by Mats Karström & Ginger Bromfalk, Steget avant, 2006.

Social value

The area lies across Lake Sakkat from Årrenjarka mountain village and felling would have been very devastating for it. Tourists come there for the beautiful scenery and not to look out over clear-cuts.

Thank you

Extra big Thank youto all of you who donated 1000 kr or more. Your names have been engraved on a brass plaque in the forest.

Ännamusskogen Map


Naturarvet highly recommend you to visit this wonderful feel-good forest! You can get to Ännamusskogen by train to Murjek. The most convenient is Vy night train, Train 94, which departs from Stockholm C in the evening and drops you off in Murjek 13 hours later with no changes. From Murjek you can take the bus via Jokkmokk (1 hour) to Årrenjarka (2 hours 45 minutes). If you visit the forest during the summer, you need to book transportation by boat across Sakkat. Please contact Årrenjarka Fjällby for booking boat transportation and accommodation if you wish to stay overnight.