At sea and in the woods - some lovely difficult days on Gräsö

Naturarvet's Executive Director Lo Jarl and volunteer inspirer Ywonne Jarl visited an area the week after Easter 2022 that we have named Fågelskärsudden on Gräsö, adjacent to Svartsundets old-growth forest. Acquisitions are underway of the forest, which is a mix of relatively young primeval forest on rocky ground and overgrown bays, as well as natural forest with cultural impact through forest grazing and older overgrown hay meadows. Contribute to the protection of this forest and more protection of forests in the future. The larger a protected area, the better for biodiversity and the climate!

If you want to experience wilderness, it's hard to do it closer to Stockholm than out here on a sunny spring day. Keep in mind that there are no marked trails or clear paths and that accessibility is demanding due to several swamp areas and steep rocky edges with living and dead wood that sprawls in all directions. The easiest way is to follow the old hay meadows and stick to the western part of the cape. Here are some pictures from our spring visit.

Fågelskärsören at the far end of the archipelago has given its name to the forest on the headland. 100 years ago it was a small island, separated from Gräsö by a narrow strait. Photo: Lo Jarl

A golden spruce lights up at the edge of the forest. Soon it will become a flame on the ground and brighten the lives of lichens, fungi and mosses for a long time. Photo: Lo Jarl

The highest point, about 15 meters above sea level, is 2000 years old. Despite this, most of the rocky ground stables do not look so impressive. But make no mistake about their considerable age. Photo: Lo Jarl

Just a couple of decades ago, the stately eagle pine was home to the white-tailed eagle. In the end, this giant gave up but still stands tall and reminds us of the power of the past. And its ancient genes live on in other younger pines on the rocky ground. Read more about the critical importance of ancient trees for a well-functioning forest ecosystem here. Photo: Lo Jarl

The white-tailed eagle has a new home and when the sun has dipped below the horizon, it takes one last watch over Söderbodfjärden. Photo: Lo Jarl