Hanging out in the Sollidens old-growth forest

Come and enjoy hanging out in the old forest! Book Saturday, June 1, 2019 in Sollidens old-growth forest outside Skepplanda in Ale municipality, 4 mil north of Gothenburg. Here you can register your interest or that you come through our Facebook event.

As part of the nationwide event Biological Diversity Day, we celebrate that Solliden's old-growth forest is now incorporated into Iglekärr's nature reserve. We meet at 13:00 at the nature parking lot south of Solliden (see coordinates below) and walk along the edge of the forest to the entrance to the Historical Wings' forest. When you step into the forest, a breathtaking feeling of traveling 6,000 years back in time will overwhelm you. We will tell you more about it during the visit.

We walk through coniferous forests with sheer green leaves that have just unfolded. The scent of damp mulch makes early summer more present. Leaving the lowland forest behind, we walk up a steeper ravine, weave our way through the sometimes thickety old-growth forest and suddenly there it is - The Wholly Oak Tree. The gnarled oak tree with wide branches is several hundred years old and stands near the Hermit's Cave, which we take a look at.

We continue up the beautiful hill, the view from the crest makes it worthwhile. We look at the ancient castle and enjoy a coffee. A sing-along raises the spirits and then we mingle and have a good time where we feel most comfortable. Of course, we will also see and perhaps hear some of the red-listed species that are found here during the day.

Coordinates for places to meet and hang out:
Solliden car park (on a fence) 57.978690, 12.250978 Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/rLfVLfJk8CG2 The Wholly Oak Tree 57.981224, 12.244747 Google maps https://goo.gl/maps/HfNjdxzb1Xk