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Purpose and regulations


Naturarvet is a fundraising foundation with the goal to acquire lands with old forest of high natural conservation value, in order to protect the threatened animal- and plant-species therein, and to further promote research, outdoor recreation, and tourism for future generations.


To guarantee the permanent preservation of old-growth forest purchased by the foundation, Naturarvet have put in place regulations which cannot be altered, and which are binding in accordance with current foundation-law (1994:1220).

These regulations ensure that all forest purchased by the foundation is protected from deforestation, agricultural and forestry use, and that when the county council so decrees, Naturarvet should surrender forest and grounds to the creation of nature reserves, without compensation for infringement. The foundation may not sell any acquired forest.

If the foundation is dissolved, the county council of Norrbotten County is responsible for the foundation’s forest being passed on to another entity that continues to preserve the forest in accordance with Naturavet’s regulations.

Read Naturarvets regulations (PDF file in Swedish)