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Become forest patron

Being Forest patron means that every month you automatically make a gift to Naturarvet. As a Forest patron you will help build a solid and long-term foundation for the handover process. a natural heritage of pristine and species-rich old-growth forests as the world's best terrestrial carbon sink. to future generations. Our Forest fathers currently (fall 2023) contributes to the storage of approximately 8 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per month 💚 The aim is to increase this effect tenfold in three years.

You can become Forest patron by selecting option 1 or 2 below.

1. Forest patron through Klarna

Click the button below and select "Every month" and an amount or enter any amount. Then click on "Give with Klarna" to become a
Forest patron via Klarna

2. Forest patron by direct debit or payment card

NOTE! Please select Forest patron through Klarna in the first instance or Forest patron by Payment card in second place. The cheapest for Naturarvet is always if you choose Forest patron through Klarna. If you have linked Klarna directly to your bank account, each withdrawal of any amount costs only 44 öre through Klarna, which has chosen to offer its platform without profit.