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protect 'your own' forest route

Here you can preserve one or more earmarked forest squares in Söderboda old-growth forest for the sake of the forest or yourself, or to draw attention to someone or honor someone's memory. Below is a target that is 20 X 21 squares and on the map corresponds to 42,000 square meters of part of Fågelskärsudden's area.
Tip: On a computer, you can move the mouse pointer over the squares and see what title a square has and if it is linked, you can click on the square to open the link in a new window.

A box is about 100 square meters and costs €1,250 to earmark your gift for.. When you order your plots, a unique gift certificate is automatically created with the coordinates of the forest plot(s). This is downloaded via a link in a payment confirmation email that is sent to you after payment.
Tip: The gift certificate indicates in bold text the name of the box and its center coordinates. Clicking on the name will open this page so the recipient can see what the box looks like. Clicking on the coordinates will open a Google maps link, where the center point of the box is marked, making it easy to find it..
Natural heritage logoNOTE! A box with this mini-logo or other image or text is occupied.

Do as follows: (click for instructions)

  • Click on one or more small boxes that are not already in the target list below. If you happen to select the wrong one, click on that box again and it will be removed from the order. NOTE! Feel free to order single squares next to other already earmarked squares. If you want to order a larger area of the reserved squares, please contact Lo Jarl. (Click here for for contact details).
  • Click on the green "Buy (number of) forest box(es)" button above the target and fill in the order form with the box's Title, Link and Image. NOTE! See tips on uploading an image below. Click on "Next step".
  • In the next step, indicate who is the donor and who is the recipient of the gift. Click on "To payment".
  • Select the payment method and fill in the other details. If you want the gift certificate to be sent directly to your e-mail address, choose payment by swish or card. Click "Finish" and complete the payment as instructed if you have chosen swish or card. If you have chosen to pay by invoice, follow the instructions in the order confirmation email.

Instructions for uploading an image

You can upload your own image covering one or more boxes. Each box is 33×33 pixels. If you want a larger image than one box provides, you can order several boxes next to each other. The image will be adapted to fit over more squares. For example, an order of 6 squares with 3 in width and 2 in height will result in an image that is pieced together to 99 X 66 pixels. If you upload an image with a 3:2 (width:height) ratio, the image will be correctly cropped and pieced together across the squares.

An image with a different format may be unfavorably cropped if the format of the uploaded image is not correctly adapted to your order of boxes. A logo with text will often be more squares in width than in height. Check the format of the logo before deciding how to put the squares together like a puzzle over the logo. A square logo/image will fit in one square but the resolution of the logo/image will not be the best. Choose multiple squares (e.g. 2 X 2 or 3 X 3 squares) if you want your square logo/image to be more visible.

Here you can see a map of where the forest squares are located in Söderboda old-growth forest.