In memory of the Old Spruce

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The life and death of the Norway spruce

The Old Spruce has become a symbol of Igelkärr's old-growth forest and was used as a model for the Natural Heritage Christmas Gift Certificate. An old Christmas tree that is left standing! On Biodiversity Day, May 22, 2018, a fire started a fire due to carelessness at the barbecue area on the headland at Stora Iglekärr where the old spruce stands. It was a heavily developed fire that was limited in an exemplary way by the region's emergency services to only 20 hectares.

The old spruce is a flameThe fire took a heavy toll on the Norway spruce, which has lived its last summer. It will now serve as dead wood for new species attracted to the fire area. At the same time, those of us who are attached to this special spruce feel a sadness in our hearts.

Honouring the memory of the Norway spruce through Natural Heritage's biggest ever fundraising campaign

To honor the memory of the Old Spruce in Iglekärr, in September 2018 we started a collection to protect another forest. Now we have finally found and received a contract on Svartsundets old-growth forest on Gräsö in Uppland. All the money, about SEK 1.8 million, from this collection has gone there. So we have zeroed out this collection to start the collection for the next forest. Therefore, we have raised the level of this collection and created new ways to contribute. Click here to to send an email with a pledge or let us know the different ways you want to contribute.