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Iglekärr Northeast

Here you can buy” part of Iglekärr’s old-growth forest. Each plot is roughly 150 square metres and costs 1,500 SEK. Select a pixel in the image that is unoccupied by hovering with the mouse pointer and then click on it and follow the instructions. Please note! The purchase will not go through until you have paid at the checkout. (You may pay by credit/debit card or international IBAN/BIC bank transfer).

Tip! If you hold your cursor over an occupied square you can see if there’s a text attached to the square. If the square/image has a link attached you can click the link to get to the related website. If you would like your image to be larger than one square, you can “purchase” several adjacent ones, and we’ll turn them into a larger image for you!

Squares marked with are reserved by Iglekärr patrons. They buy” squares in instalments” and have reserved squares for their upcoming payments via standing orders. If you would like to become an Iglekärr patron (currently only available with a Swedish bank account) you can read more about it under the Forest Patron tab.