Preserve forest

Picture: Naturarvet

Sadly, there are not many old-growth forests left in Sweden today. Each year, several areas of high nature conservation value are deforested.

With Naturarvet everyone can help participate in preserving the last of Sweden’s genuine forests. Here, under the menu “Preserve forest,” you can choose whichever approach works best for you.

For instance, you can become a forest patron, and with your standing orders help to collect enough to preserve the next old-growth forest.

You can purchase a symbolical tree as a gift for a loved one.

You can even “purchase” a plot of forest that you can preserve virtually, and mark a square on the map with a text, image and URL of your choice.

We also welcome one-time donations, which can be done online with a credit/debit card, via text-message, or through a direct bank transaction.

You may wish to start your own collection in commemoration of a loved one, or as a fundraiser.

A simple way to contribute is through your will, where you can bequeath property or other holdings, or ensure the preservation of a forest for all time by bequeathing it to Naturarvet.

Naturarvet will handle the practicalities, but you’re the one that makes it all possible!