Skarnhålan old-growth forest

Umbrella trees and Forest squares

Goal achieved
Objective: SEK 4 200 000
Give a gift Nya Skogsrutor Skogsrutor Klicket Boddas minne Görans minne p12 p7 Bonsai-tallen Blåmosse-tallen Iglekärrs brandinsalming Arend & Gerrie van der Spoel Tallen Vita Renen

Skarnhålan collection map

Give a gift Nya Skogsrutor Skogsrutor Klicket Boddas minne Görans minne p12 p7 Bonsai-tallen Blåmosse-tallen Iglekärrs brandinsalming Arend & Gerrie van der Spoel Tallen Vita Renen

In the list below you can get more information about the areas collections, umbrella trees and forest squares in Skarnhålan old-growth forest. Zoom in on the map to see the designations of the areas. The designations on the map correspond to the respective surface in the table below. The aim is for all 'unsold' yellow areas to become 'sold' green areas. We are adding more yellow spaces as we go along, which will also become green. The latest addition of umbrella trees with a short description of each tree can be found at this link. When you "buy" an area, i.e. become a sponsor of the area, you ensure that the area will be green and protected forever. Choose one or more surfaces and email to order. You can also click on the link "Click here to order!" under the column "NAME" of the surface you want to order in the table below. This will open an email in your email client in which you simply fill in your own details.

i1 57.991535 12.279403 Bodda's memory Bodda's memory - In memoryby Bodil Wennersten Bergner Link to the collection
i2 57.988011 12.280286 The Trinity Clothes Exchange Day in Vaxholm "The Trinity"
i3 57.987600 12.280100 4 The Future 4 The Future Link to the collection
p1 57.984406 12.284019 Umbrella tree #1 Jenny & Björn Spherical photo on
p2 57.984525 12.28375 Umbrella tree #2 The Hilmarch family Spherical photo on
p3 57.984359 12.283114 Umbrella tree #3 Ewa & Jyrki Spherical photo on
p4 57.984649 12.283477 Umbrella tree #4 Aya, Naomi, Yoell Spherical photo of the "Triple Oak"
p5 57.984622 12.282956 Nature Centre logo Nature Centre AB Spherical photo of the "Blåmosse-Tallen"
p6 57.9845 12.28264 NORR Agency NORR Green Partners Spherical photo of the "Bonsai pine"
p7 57.984872 12.282567 Laughing Troll The Heartbeat of the Earth - an Earth Spirit festival
p8 57.985233 12.281772 Korean spruce The furniture factory - project June Waste and Environment Spherical photo of the "Korean Spruce"
p9 57.985461 12.281425 Ecology Group 2019 EkoPepp to Huddinge municipality Spherical photo of the "Late Grown Oak"
p10 57.985603 12.281286 Senvuxna Eken Happy 50th Birthday CongratulationsMartina! Spherical photo on
p11 57.985733 12.281482 In memoryby Jörgen Frisk In memoryby Jörgen Frisk Spherical photo on
p12 57.986114 12.281723 The spruce in the crevice p 12 Spherical photo of the "Spruce in Skrevan"
p13 57.984355 12.283608 Andreas and Ipek Andreas ❤️ Ipek Spherical photo on
p14 57.984164 12.283611 Praply trees 14 Tage Qvist Spherical photo on
p15 57.983903 12.283246 Sofia o Samuel 18-08-18 Sofia and Samuel's Oak Spherical photo of the "Green Singer Oak"
p16 57.983867 12.283209 Göran's memory Spherical photo on
p17 57.983729 12.283173 In memoryby Johanna Paulsson Spherical photo on
p18 57.983571 12.28322 cranberry wreath In memoryby our fine father, father-in-law and grandfather Östen Spherical photo on
p19 57.983506 12.283465 Arnes Dungeon
p20 57.98417 12.28295 blue moss in old-growth forest A place in the woods for Arend and Gerrie van der Spoel. Arend and Gerrie in the woods.
p21 57.984722 12.284167 Sara Bergmark Elfgren Vita Renen Spherical photo on
p22 57.984855 12.284812 In memoryby Britta Löwencrantz Spherical photo on
p23 57.985088 12.284400 Encounters with Giants Knut the oak grows with the book Encounters with Giants Spherical photo on
p24 57.985092 12.284147 The Missing Oak In memoryby father Ragnar Ignell Spherical photo of the Missing Oak
p25 57.984980 12.285100 In memoryby Eva and Åke Dahlström Spherical photo on
p26 57.985875 12.286180 Shani and Jerk Sunflat Spherical photo on
p27 57.985830 12.286600 Icebug logo Icebugs collection! Spherical photo of the Kant oaks
p28 57.985612 12.286420 See a spherical photo of the Klipp-Gran! The Survival Guide
p29 57.985400 12.285925 In memoryby Sigurd Vojnov Spherical photo of the Group Spruce Crab
p30 57.985230 12.285828 Anders & Ninni's trip to Australia Spherical photo on
p31 57.985103 12.286355 Arez & Lisa's Asp Spherical photo on
p32 57.984853 12.286420 Annika's birthday collection for Svällebäck Spherical photo on
p33 57.985440 12.285270 Par-ekarna In memoryby Brita Ljung Spherical photo of the Par-Oaks
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