Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest

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Naturarvet signed a contract on Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest on the eastern shore of Stor-Blåsjön in Strömsund municipality, Jämtland, in June and received access and title deed in the autumn of 2022. The property of 264 ha is well connected with the shore towards Stor-Blåsjön and extends up to the tree line towards Rödfjället.

170 ha of the area is old natural forest. The entire property has been assessed as worthy of protection. Along the slope down from the mountain, smaller marshes also stretch out and open up the landscape. Along the slope, four mountain streams of a total of 9 km flow through the property, of which Ullersjöbäcken is the largest with a swirling (multi-branched) stream channel that ends with three outlets in Stor-Blåsjön in the northern part of the property.

We are humbly grateful that this property was for sale and that we have also received several large gifts that made it possible to acquire the property. Watch a drone movie of the property on our youtube channel here.

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Colored areas in the map are productive forest land in Sweden. The scale goes from red for hotspots with high conservation values to blue for coldspots with low conservation values.
Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest is located at the eastern end of Frostviken - a hotspot for high nature values. The property contains old natural mountain forest with bogs between the forest areas. Higher up on the mountain, a small area of bare rock is included in the property. The entire property and large areas around it are more or less untouched, except for a small power line that has been drawn a bit up from Stor-Blåsjön. Cross-country skiing is prohibited on the entire property, so the forest above the power line is without trails or snowmobile tracks. Along the lake there is a traditionally maintained path from Ankarede down to the forest road that leads to the pond at the southern end of Lill-Blåsjön. From Ankarede there is also a hiking trail and a snowmobile trail up over the mountain areas east of the property. Along the hiking trail is Rödfjällsstugan for simple overnight stays with a view of Ullersjön.

The large amount of dead wood, old trees and the mosaic of several different biotopes from the shore of Stora Blåsjön up to the bare mountain offer environments for a wide range of species. Particularly important environments are e.g.: 1. pine flatlands with primeval forest character and associated woody insects, lichens and fungi; 2. swampy areas with large-dominated mixed coniferous forest where several passerines such as tits and thrushes thrive; 3. bogs with overflowing stream channels where open and constantly moist soil creates conditions for vascular plants such as orchids; 4. mountain birch forest and bare rock in a folded mountain area, where the soil due to the rocks can be toxic for many species and therefore provides space for more tolerant species.

No documentation of species has previously been made on the property except for an inventory of dragonflies in the 1980s. During a short visit to the property at the end of August 2022, which unfortunately had to be canceled due to covid-19, a number of interesting species were found (threat status on the red list with red letters):

  • Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus EN
  • Forest hare Lepus timidus NT
  • Common murre Gavia stellata NT (in Blåsjön)
  • Sandwich tern Sterna paradisaea Protected
  • Drillbit Actitis hypoleucos NT
  • Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus Extinct
  • Blackbird Turdus pilaris NT
  • Red-winged blackbird Turdus iliacus NT
  • Talltita Poecile montanus NT
  • Arctic char Salvelinus alpinus
  • Eyebright Moneses uniflora Signal species
  • Marsh nettles Dactylorhiza majalis subsp. lapponica Extinct
  • Virgin Mary's keys Dactylorhiza maculata Exempt

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In a forest close to the mountains, the carbon storage is about 25% compared to the effective storage of carbon in e.g. Fågelskäruddens. Fågelskärsuddens old-growth forest on Gräsö in north-eastern Uppland. At the same time, the area of mountain forest that can be bought for money is about 400% larger than that of Fågelskärsuddens old-growth forest. This means, for example, that a plot of forest that is 400 square meters in Ullersjäbäckens old-growth forest costs as much and stores as much carbon as a forest box of 100 square meters in Fågelskärsuddens old-growth forest.

Forestry plans drawn up in connection with the sale of Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest provide a good picture of how much area is now preserved from felling and thinning and how much CO2 can be sequestered in the various parts of the old-growth forest in the future.

Protecting Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest and other similar ancient forests is the most important action we can take to slow down climate change with immediate effect.

The collection

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In early July 2022, contracts were signed and deposits paid. Through the fundraising for Svartsundets old-growth forest and strong fundraising in 2021 and the first half of 2022, we have already raised the purchase price. The acquisition permit was obtained and Naturarvet gained access in August and the title deed was obtained in October 2022. To contribute to the costs and give us the chance to expand the area that needs protection around Ullersjöbäcken, please join us.

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Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest is located on the eastern shore of Stor-Blåsjön up towards Rödfjället in Strömsund municipality, northern Jämtland. The nearest town is Gäddede about 4 miles by car. Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest can be reached via a forest road along Lill-Blåsjön's eastern shore to a turning point on the neighbor's property south of the forest. The last kilometer is bumpy and rocky and you drive at your own risk. A car with good ground clearance is preferable. Alternatively, you can take a car or bus to Ankarede and hike about 5 km to Ullersjöbäcken at the northern end of the forest. A third option is to rent a boat/canoe or bring your own boat/canoe and cross Stor-Blåsjön from Stora Blåsjön or Ankarede. Landing is best done at one of the outlets of Ullersjöbäcken. By public transport you can get from Östersund to Stora Blåsjön/Ankarede with lines 142+425+472. Plan your trip on the Länstrafiken website here.

Traffic with off-road vehicles is prohibited in the entire area east of Stor-Blåsjön. This means that you can only travel with skis or snowshoes in Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest during the winter. You can drive snowmobiles up the snowmobile trail that runs along the road east of Lill-Blåsjön to the neighboring property and from there via the lake to Ankarede. You can also drive scooters across the lake from e.g. Stora Blåsjön to the beach.

NOTE! Mobile phone coverage is poor in the area. Keep in mind that you may not be able to use phone calls for communication.