Collection Ullersjöbäcken

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Contribute to the protection of Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest!

Collection map
I map below you can see which areas in Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest that have already been protected by donation/contribution (green) and which areas are available (yellow).

The yellow areas are Forest Boxes, Umbrella Trees and other areas available for sponsorship. I the table below the map you can order (yellow) and see already sponsored (green) areas.

Forest squares opens in a separate target, click here to reserve squares for yourself or to give as a gift for a special occasion or memory. Gift certificates with coordinates are included.

Umbrella trees in the table below the map, is your opportunity to protect your 'own' gem. We change the image, title and url/link according to your wishes. Unique gift certificate included.

"Own" area is marked for donations/sponsorship of at least €50,000. We will place an area in the desired location in areas that are not yet colored. Name/title and logo can be added to the map. Unique gift certificate included. See already earmarked areas in the table below.

Collection map Ullersjöbäcken

Select an area below that you want to protect (yellow lines) or see who has protected it (green lines).

U1 FOREST RUTOR       Fully booked! Click here to see "purchased" boxes  
U2 FOREST RUTOR       Available! Click here to "buy" forest squares  
ST 67 hectares 2 000 000 kr 64.778451 14.258823 Saras Tjelkeskåake (private gift)
NK 33 hectares 1 000 000 kr 64.78030 14.251621 The Nature Company Naturkompaniet Nature Bonus 2022 The Nature Company
IB 18 hectares 535 179 kr 64.783494 14.24804 Icebug Icebug Green Friday 2021 Icebug
UN 15.5 hectares 465 677 kr 64.773222 14.250083 Icebug Upsales Nordic AB 2021 Upsales
LB 12.4 hectares 373 407 kr 64.784355 14.244356 L:a Bruket L:a Bruket Forest Pledge L:a Bruket Spruce series
SG 8.3 hectares 250 000 kr 64.785749 14.241456 Sunita and Görans Tjelkeskåake (private gift)
MT 3.3 hectares 100 000 kr 64.780002 14.245950 Maria (private gift)
IG 3.3 hectares 100 000 kr 64.775403 14.232934 Inger and Gunnar (private gift)
CT 2 hectares 60 000 kr 64.783286 14.238916 Christina's Tjielkeskåake (birthday gift)
K❤️J 1 hectare 30 000 kr 64.783406 14.235968 Karin and Jonas Wedding Fundraiser Read about the collection