Ekås Old-growth forest - New acquisition!

Natural Wood SculptureNaturarvet After a long time of searching, we have finally acquired an oak-beech forest. The property is called Ekås and is located about 150 meters above sea level, 7 km as the crow flies east of Ullared in Falkenberg municipality, Halland. 17 of the 25 hectares are old deciduous forests worthy of protection. Naturarvet We acquire the land as a subdivision, which means that we will receive a title deed to the land in about a year when the cadastral procedure is completed.

Celebrate with us by contributing to the final payment, which is a total of SEK 3.6 million.

Ekås old-growth forest is an oak and beech dominated secondary natural forest-like forest. That it is secondary is clearly visible with traces of old fences and other ancient human structures that crisscross the forest. It is a clear example of how nature can reclaim the land if it is left alone. There has always been some influence as long as humans have lived here, even in recent times with, among other things, the extraction of dead wood for household burning.

When Naturarvet If you become the owner of the property, the dead wood will also be left behind and contribute to the diversity of the species as a habitat for insects and fungi, among other things. Dead wood and autumn leaves that fall to the ground also form humus, which makes up the brownish-black carbon layer of the topsoil. The interaction of trees with fungi and other parts of the natural ecosystem makes old-growth forests our best carbon sinks on land, effectively slowing down the climate crisis. That is why they should be protected now.


Ancient monument of a fenceThe peaceful forest invites you to beautiful walks under the birds' spring concerts, the summer's green canopy and in the colourful splendour of autumn. The journey there can be made via many roads that take you past unknown parts of a scenic broken landscape between the Falkenberg coast and Ekås. The last bit you take via Skällstorp in the southwest, Gällared in the south or Bredshult-Knarrhult in the east.

In the near future, we will distribute areas and forest squares over the land, our most concrete way to raise money to protect this southernmost gem in Naturarvet's string of old-growth forests through Sweden. Already now you can enjoy the video and photo gallery from the forest and be forest patron to help protect more old-growth forests.

In the middle of the forest there is a meadow which, together with part of the oak forest to the west, has been regularly grazed by cattle. Keep in mind that there are both electric fences and barbed toe fences in the grounds if you visit the forest. To the north, there is a pond that mainly has older coniferous mixed forest or younger spruce plantations and natural birch regeneration on drained wetland.

When Naturarvet In accordance with our statutes, we have offered the County Administrative Board of Halland the opportunity to form a nature reserve that creates the conditions for good management. In connection with this, we will have discussions with the County Administrative Board about what measures should be carried out for nature conservation purposes in accordance with Naturarvet's strict permanent protection for old-growth forests.

Together we preserve the precious Life on Earth!

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Photograph – Image 1: Lo Jarl and image 2: Ywonne Jarl.