Rub for Life!

beech and oak rubbedWe wish you a very happy Easter!

And when the Easter weekend is over, we want to ask you to start rubbing. We then have two weeks to raise SEK 3 million for a forest of a kind that is rarely for sale. Rub your genius, a magic oil lamp, your wallet or a lottery ticket. Anything and everything that can be rubbed should be rubbed.

We'd love to hear what you come up with - donations, fundraising, the way to a philanthropist's heart, the million-dollar lottery win, new forest sponsors, the genie in the lamp. The real prize is what we all get to enjoy together when we manage to acquire the unique forest. Another win for the precious Life on Earth!

In the picture on the left, a beech and an oak tree in a forest in Halland are rubbing, and have been doing so all their lives. Together we can preserve the precious Life on Earth!