Six new designs for gift certificates in the Forest shop

Best gift for Christmas

The old-growth forest - the world's best carbon sequesterer and species keeper

Give a gift

Give the finest gift for Christmas - protecting a piece of old-growth forest, the world's best carbon sink and species keeper - and give the recipient a nice gift certificate, which you order in the Naturarvet "forest shop". We now have six new designs (photos: Ywonne Jarl and Lo Jarl):

Beach Alder from Söderboda on Gräsö, Uppland (YJ).

Archipelago Pine from Söderboda on Gräsö, Uppland (LJ).

Oak-beech forest in autumn, Ekås in Gällared, Halland (LJ).

Oak-beech grove with light contrast, Ekås in Gällared, Halland (YJ).

BokElefant (with eyes), Ekås in Gällared, Halland (YJ).

MossKrokodil (with eyes and teeth), Ekås in Gällared, Halland (YJ).

We think you'll love the new designs. All of the 21 older designs are still available to choose from as well. Maybe you missed one of them before?

For that really special gift we have forest patchesup: a from three areas,
Ekås in Halland, Ullersjöbäcken in Jämtland and Söderboda in Uppland.
You will receive a gift certificate with coordinates to the center of the patch(es) to give to someone you want to show appreciation. The patches can be provided with a title, image and link to a website. Why not give away forest patches as a company Christmas gift!

On the collection page of Ekås oak-beech forest you will find a collection map with a table where umbrella trees and umbrella areas are marked. You can become a patron of these unique places or give them away to appreciate someone/something. Order an umbrella tree or umbrella space by clicking on a link in the table. Each umbrella tree/site comes with a unique gift certificate with a photo of the tree/site. The certificate indicates how much carbon dioxide the surface can sequester each year.