Skarnhålan old-growth forest

New forest squares

Goal achieved
Objective: SEK 4 200 000

NOTE! The forest squares in Skarnhålans old-growth forest are sold out. Click here to order to order forest squares in Fågelskärsuddens old-growth forest.

Here you can see earmarked forest squares in Skarnhålan old-growth forest. Each square is about 100 square meters.

Tip! Here you can see on a map of Skarnhålans old-growth forestwhere the New Forest Routes are located.

Tips! Hover over an already occupied box to see if there is a text associated with the box. If the box/image has a web link attached to it, you can click on the box and go to the website or image that is linked. If you want a larger image than one box provides, you can order more than one next to each other and your image will be adjusted to fit over the selected boxes! Each square is 33X33 pixels.