“Purchase” a plot in Iglekärr’s old-growth forest

Picture yourself in a forest preserved by Naturarvet, peering out at a little glade between the big, moss-covered tree-trunks. You’re thinking to yourself: This very glade, I helped make sure it will be kept safe forever!” Now it’s possible!

Here you can buy” a plot of land in Iglekärr’s old-growth forest, and see how much of it is already preserved. Naturally you will not be the legal owner of the area, but we register it and make sure that the archives show you are responsible for preserving that exact plot. If you then decide to visit the forest (and happen to be good at orientation), you can find your” old-growth forest, and enjoy it with extra fervour.

The plots are about 150 square metres, and cost 1,500 SEK. We’re currently only selling” the shaded areas at the top of the map. Click the areas or click here and follow the instructions if you want to help preserve the forest.


On the map you can see how much of Iglekärr’s forest has already been preserved. We update the map regularly to show the new contributions we’ve received. As we receive new contributions the map will eventually be filled. Except for the darker squares, the following areas have been preserved:

   Donation from one person

   The Forest Shop (gift-certificates)


   Donations from NORR Green Partner

   Other gifts to Naturarvet

  Forest patrons