Buy a piece of Iglekärrs old-growth forest

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Imagine sitting in a forest preserved by Naturarvet and looking out over a small opening between the large, mossy trees. You think: "I have made sure that this particular little clearing will be preserved for all eternity". Now it's possible!

Here you can "buy" a share in Iglekärrs old-growth forest. Of course, you do not become the legal owner of the forest area, but we register and archive that it is you who has preserved that particular piece. If you then visit the forest (and are good at orientation), you can find "your" forest and enjoy the old-growth forest there.

The donations received in this way will contribute to protect the next forest as Iglekärr is already preserved for all time by becoming a nature reserve in 2016. The forest squares in Target Plot 1 and 2 are about 150 square metres and cost 1,500 SEK. At the moment we are "selling" in Target Plot 2.

Click in that area or here and follow the instructions if you want to join protect the forest. Target 1 is fully subscribed but you can click in that area to see how many donors have joined and paid for that area. Maybe you've been honored with a box there? The Lake District is 1,000 square feet and costs $10,000 and you can read more about them and register your interest by clicking on the about council or here. NOTE! All lake plots are now sold!

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Iglekärr NorthwestIglekärr NortheastLakefront_sliceforest_fathers_sliceothergifts_sliceforest shop_sliceclick_slicenorth_sliceeoca_sliceprivate_slice

The map shows how much of Iglekärr old-growth forest has already been preserved. We regularly update the map with the contributions we receive. As we receive more contributions, the map will fill up. Click on each color band to go to the relevant page. Last updated 2015-11-30.