Goal achieved
Objective: 1 660 000 kr


The last fundraising day of 2017 we reached the fundraising goal for the Solliden old-growth forest. Thank youall the wonderful people who have contributed with donations to complete the acquisition of the Solliden.

Naturarvet signed a contract in December 2016 for the land west of Iglekärrs old-growth forest* and a strip of deciduous forest out towards the forest edge in the south.12 ha old-growth forest from two properties can now protect an even larger contiguous area of the fine old-growth forest in Risveden. (*During 2016 the collection for Iglekärrs old-growth forest was completed and we inaugurated this gem with the unveiling of a tribute bench in August. In September Iglekärr became an official nature reserveby decision of the County Council.)


Solliden, as we call the new addition, is a sunny southern slope with a large proportion of deciduous trees, particularly in the far south where old-growth broadleaf forest creates a unique environment worthy of protection below the cliff edges facing the forest edge. In addition to a large number of large oak trees, there are also large specimens of the red-listed species ash and wood elm. A survey at the end of November also provided a list of additional conservation species in the wood. See the list and how it eventually grows below. The area of noble woodland that can now be protected will be 5 times larger in total than that already protected in Iglekärr Nature Reserve.

Money was raised through the general fundraising of the Naturarvet and through earmarked donations, e.g. in the form of collections, umbrella trees and forest squares. Solliden - New forest to be preserved 2017 Solliden - New forest to be preserved 2017

Species list of conservation species in Solliden

e.g. Hultengren, Stansvik et al. (27/11 2016), Danielson (several occasions), Jarl (several occasions).
Signal species
Bladderwrack Hepatica nobilis
Viola mirabilis
Glossy spot Arthonia spadicea
Maple lichen Bacidia rubella
Rock moss Antitrichia curtipendula
Goldilocks Homalothecium sericeum
Porella plathyphylla
Trout feather moss Homalia trichomanoides
Flat-leaved moss Neckera complanata
Conocephalum salebrosum
Red-listed species
Ekskinn Aleurodiscus disciformis
Barrviol spider Cortinarius Harcynicus
Bird's foot moss Nogopterium gracile
Lesser Woodpecker Dendrocopos minor
Greenfinch Picus viridis
Kestrel Apus apus
Kingfisher Regulus regulus
Ash Fraxinus excelsior
Wood Elm Ulmus glabra
In addition, there is Reboulia hemisphaerica, a rare species that deserves special mention. Bird's foot moss was found in several places in the area.