Naturarvet celebrating 20 years!

On December 11, 2003, natural heritage was born and was the world's finest Click for the Forest. The document with the statutes can be found here on the website.

Over the years, we have seen Klicket evolve into Naturarvet, which we have come to love as the protector of old-growth forests. With more than 800 hectares of forest land, the old-growth forests of the natural heritage can contribute to slowing down the climate catastrophe and store about 3,000 tons of CO2 per year, while providing protection for hundreds of conservation species in perpetuity.

We are going to celebrate and have gone big! We want to continue the celebration with new exciting projects and activities throughout 2024.

We are borrowing SEK 4 million to finance the party and all gifts, large and small, are welcome flows, like the natural heritage forest streams that all flow into a larger river.

We love this legal entity - Collection Foundation Naturarvet - the protector of the old-growth forest. To show our appreciation, we have made a gift to Naturarvet in 2023:

  1. Knotted the bag by completing a merger of Svartsundet, Fågelskärsudden, Bålgrundsfjärden and Kalvgrundsfjärden into Söderboda old-growth forest. Together, 110 hectares of land plus 37 hectares of associated water areas are now preserved for all time on Gräsö.
  2. In collaboration with the County Administrative Board, two timber barns in the Svartsundets area have been restored with newly laid reed roofs, which protect the lichens of the old barn timber and create a substantial hotel complex in the eaves for wild bees and other pollinators. All to benefit biodiversity.
  3. Acquired our first hardwood forest in Halland with 24 of 25 hectares of productive forest land and a pastoral meadow in the middle of the forest. Here we celebrate that nature is now given a chance to continue to recreate its original ecosystem as an oak-beech forest.
  4. We have one more gift to tell you about when it's time for the Christmas gift opening. You'll have to wait until then. And that Christmas present costs a lot of money, so please send contributions for this nice 20th anniversary present to Naturarvet.

The natural heritage's forests are located in 7 different areas from the first purchase in 2006 of Ännamusskogen in Kvikkjokk in the north to the latest purchase in 2023 of Ekås oak-book forest in Ullared in the south. Naturarvet embraces the whole of Sweden and the whole of Sweden wants to be involved in embracing Naturarvet and its old-growth forests. OR HOW!!!

Here you can watch our anniversary reel, which you can also watch on Instagram or Facebook.


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