Skarnhålan old-growth forest

Goal achieved
Objective: SEK 4 200 000

The fundraising foundation Naturarvet is proud to present - SHARKHOLM old-growth forest!

See a map of umbrella trees and forest squares in Skarnhålans old-growth forest by CLICKING HERE!

On Biodiversity Day 2018 we signed a contract for a nice old-growth forest of 40 hectares just east of Iglekärrs old-growth forest.

Stora Skarnhålan - a salt marsh in RisvedenSkarnhålan old-growth forest contains within its 40 ha no less than 24 ha key biotope and has a average age of 140 years. Some stands have an average age of over 160 years. It is largely coniferous forest with deciduous areas and coniferous trees in the southern slopes. In the northern part, easily accessible by a path from a car park, is the Red Mountain and natura 2000 area Great Skarn Hollow which is part of Risveden's thicket. Total number conservation species for the area is 59 pcs, of which 18 red-listed species, 35 signal types and 19 EU directive species. Here is the species list as of 2018-10-01.

GraveyardIn the centre is the eastern sunny bay of the small lake Gravlången, which offers a nice resting place for those who are hungry for coffee. Here is also the 4 ha large biotope protection area which has already been protected for 20 years. To the south, the landscape slopes and plunges through the key biotope of slopes and ledges from the altitude of 145 m down to Svällebäck 80 m, which makes this part a bit more challenging to walk. The large the presence of oaks and other deciduous trees as well as the nice views from the ledges make the visit well worth a little challenge. If you "buy" a umbrella tree or a forest route you can use the coordinates and a map/mapping app to visit the specific location you've protected.

Dancing ForestSkarnhålan old-growth forest is directly adjacent to the Ekliden nature reserve to the east. West of Ekliden is Iglekärrs old-growth forest and west of it is Solliden which will soon be incorporated into the Naturarvet property in this fantastic part of Risveden, just 4 miles north of Gothenburg. The large number of natural wetland species together with many different types of protective forest with a high average age make Skarnhålans old-growth forest the area with the highest nature value in the whole of Risveden. Here is a map showing the entire protected area of 206 ha including Skarnhålans old-growth forest, which we can call the "Gateway to Risveden".

We have a collection target of SEK 4.2 million to be reached by 30/6 2019. We already have a base pot of funds raised of about 2 million from previous years. Among other things, we received a large gift of shares from an individual donor in December for almost 2 million SEK. By the end of 2019, we were done with fundraising. Thank youfor all the amazing donations! You can still "buy" forest squares in the Skarn Hollow. The money from that goes into next project. Click on the map below to buy and see already purchased umbrella trees or forest squares. Map Skarnhålans old-growth forest