Ekås oak-beech forest now on the website

Ekås oak-beech forest

Three new pages on the website

There are now three coherent pages for Ekås oak beech forest on the website.

    1. You can read about the property, the nature and its species, the importance of protecting Ekås oak-beech forest for the climate and how to get there at Ekås oak-box forest information page.
    2. You can read about different ways to contribute to the fundraiser and see a collection map on the fundraising page. Here you can also see which exciting umbrella areas and umbrella trees that are available to order. Check the table below the map.
    3. You can reserve forest squares on the target for Ekås oak-beech forest E1. If the boxes run out quickly, there will be two more targets, E2 and E3, which we will publish in turn when the previous targets are fully booked.

    I Forest shop we are also launching two new motifs from Ekås oak-book forest with playfully photoshopped photos by Ywonne Jarl: BokElefanten and MossKrokodilen. These motifs are suitable for children of all ages.

    Have fun reading about Ekås Oak Book Forest, giving gifts with fun gift certificates and ordering forest routes that you will definitely want to visit this spring when the leaves of the deciduous forest have budded and the birdsong sounds in the greenery or next autumn when the crowns of the trees change in all colors from yellow to red.

    Enjoy some more pictures from the image gallery we posted when we wrote about the acquisition in our September newsletter.