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New acquisition and final payment at Ekås

Naturarvet need your support today!

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In May we need your contribution to make a new acquisition in Jämtland! At the same time, we will pay the final payment for Ekås oak-beech forest. Take the opportunity to reserve your forest plots or become a sponsor of umbrella trees and landmarks. Now we are tying up the bag, but first we need to fill it with loving gifts.

Welcome to the webinar

We tell how Söderboda old-growth forest is protected by Naturarvet. The lecture is part of the zoom webinar Havet & Skogen at 15-17 today 22/4 2024, an arrangement of the nature conservation associations in Östhammar and Uppsala County and the Swedish Church, Roslagen's northern pastorate.

Just before 15:00 today, log on to this zoom link