Four forests can be protected forever this spring!

Dear friend of the old forest!

Be open to the possibility of what the headline says and read on, all the way to the end.

A fantastic breakthrough has taken place! Within a month, four forests can be protected for all time through the acquisition of Naturarvet. All the forests are for sale, so any acquisition is entirely possible as long as we collect the money.

This means that if Naturarvet doesn't buy the forests, someone else will. Then it will be pulp, cardboard, toilet paper, wood chips for heating plants or recreational development of this invaluable natural heritage. A large part of the forests could be felled within the next 10 years according to the forest management plans that have been drawn up for them.

In order of priority, these are 1. a forest near the mountains near Jämtland, 2. a forest in Uppland (extension of Svartsundets old-growth forest on Gräsö), 3. a forest in Dalsland and 4. a forest in Gävleborg. In total, they create about 630 hectares of wilderness with high nature value. These forests must not be allowed to go, we must protect them!

It's about your future and that of all future generations. And above all, the unique life of the old-growth forests and their importance for the fragile life on Earth. These forests hold values that are globally threatened. Their total carbon uptake from the atmosphere each year is potentially equivalent to about 3,000 tonnes of CO2.

Naturarvet currently has cash and cash equivalents of around SEK 7 million. We need to raise at least another 13 million SEK. Everyone needs to step up. All the different ways to fund these purchases need to work together. You are needed, your loving giving, that makes your soul burn and shine in the darkness, so that more people see and seize the chance to be part of this common power gathering for the old-growth forest and Life on Earth.

Update 22-03-22: In five days we have already raised 2.8 million SEK. One of the donations is a private fund donation of 2 million SEK and another is a private cash donation of 500 000 SEK. Forest squares for 115 000 SEK have been booked and other donations make up 85 000 SEK. Forest godfather gifts and other pledges of SEK 100,000 are available. Join us in creating an unprecedented fundraising effort for the old-growth forests protection you too!

We need to establish this immediately:

  1. The Natural Heritage website will have four different targets for forest boxes, one near the mountains, one in Uppland, one in Dalsland, one in Gävleborg. The routes will provide about 2 million SEK.
    1. Forest squares in mountainous forests
    2. Forest squares on Gräsö in Uppland
    3. Forest squares in Dalsland
    4. Forest squares in Gävleborg
  2. Naturarvet has applied to benefit from the Nature Company's Nature Bonus. Everyone votes at Naturarvet and we humbly accept about 1 million SEK.
    1. Become a member of the Naturkompaniet 365 customer club (free of charge) to receive information and be able to vote for the Nature Bonus later this spring.
  3. Other sponsors upgrade their commitment and organise additional activities or pay the contribution of planned activities in advance. Generates about 1 million SEK.
    1. Contact Lo Jarl about your commitment.
  4. All Natural Heritage fans immediately become Forest Fellows so that 600 grow to at least 5,000 Forest Fellows (half of our fans), who make monthly contributions. Generates about 5 million SEK by the end of the year.
    1. Become forest patron via Klarna now!
    2. Become forest patron via direct debit or card now!
  5. Everyone is going outside the box and creating in different ways additional great sources of money flowing in. Here, it's each of us and all of us together generating about $5 million.
    1. Contact Lo Jarl about your project/fundraising/donation.
    2. Tip from Skydda Skogen and our board member Pia Björstrand: If you own a car - Give the petrol donation to Naturarvet via Swish/Klarna here and at the same time counteract the backside of the reduction duty.
  6. KLUBB 333: A unique offer to make a lifetime investment as climate compensation while protecting priceless nature. Read more and become a member here!

Old-growth forest ecosystems are the last safe carbon sinks on Earth. IF we permanently protect them! Your contribution is the most important thing you can do for Life on Earth right now.

The financing of the acquisitions must be secured by 15 April. There will be a flurry of activity over the next month and I will post more information on the various forests as we receive more data. Maps will be drawn up and species listed, inventories will be made or completed, valuation on a forest will be done. At the same time, all the money needed for the acquisitions should be secured within a month and made available in the short term. Final payment for one forest will be made by April, the other three in about two to three months.

Together we preserve the fragile Life on Earth!