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Break from work2023 is fantastic!

Naturarvet has had another good year. Two properties have been acquired and a third is underway. We celebrate the spring's new addition to Gräsö by releasing yet another area of forest plots for Söderboda, this time adorned with a swamp forest on the gift certificate. Söderboda old-growth forest F3.

Earlier this fall we released Ekås oak-beech forest E1 and we now have four active areas of forest squares to "buy" your own or give away a forest square (or several squares). You will of course receive a gift certificate with a picture from the area with coordinates to the center of the square.

In Ekås there are also exciting "umbrella trees" and other areas with specific trees or other landmarks that you can easily recognize when you visit the area. Check the table below The collection map. The three unique umbrella areas Treklyftan, Klumprot and Under linden are still waiting for their patrons.

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Together we preserve the precious Life on Earth!

In the picture, the alder trees in Söderboda on Gräsö are waiting to unfold their leaves in mid-April. Alder swamp forest is the 'mangrove of the North' and stores more carbon than any other type of forest. This is due to the alder's ability to capture nutrients (nitrogen) directly from the air, in the same way as pea plants, and because it thrives in moist environments, where the fallout of leaves, twigs and dead wood becomes a thick black-brown topsoil layer rich in humus.