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Each click preserves a bit of forest.

SEK 00,076,465.50 raised

We won the EOCA voting!We won the EOCA voting!

Donate to Celebrate!

Thank you wonderful people for voting and sharing! We will receive €30 000 that will be used to pay for Iglekärr’s old-growth forest. Celebrate our win with a donation, € 9 for each vote we received will generate a matching sum to generate more old-growth forest protected forever…

We want to especially thank Ywonne and Lo for working day and night the last few weeks. We thank NORR Skandinavien-Magazin for nominating our project and we thank European Outdoor Conservation Association for selecting it to participate. We thank Facebook for giving us an early christmas gift at a seminar, a coupon to be used for ads. We thank everyone out there in cyberspace taking your valuable time to vote and share, every little part of this campaign was generated completely without a cent put into it. All effort is by volunteer power and generated all those € 30 000 that will now be resting in the forest floor of Iglekärr Old-Growth Forest forever.

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  • The Campaign #MoreThanAPenny by Naturarvet is inspired by a spectacular donation sent by mail from Penny in England, who found some old Swedish money when moving houses. The total sum of SEK 1 750 kr will be exchanged for valid money at Riksbanken, at a fee of SEK 100. So we thought we’ll try and collect more old money to exchange at the same time, also money that […]

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  •   PRESS RELEASE 2016-09-29 Iglekärr old-growth forest becomes nature reserve Contact persons: Västra Götaland County Council Peter Post Biologist/Conservation admin. 010-224 47 29 0702-88 54 43 Naturarvet Lo Jarl General Manager/Ecologist 073-109 95 12 Press Officer: Anita Nilsson 010-224 45 46 0736-60 51 18 (translation by Lo Jarl)       […]

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  • “Protecting Old-Growth Forests, Sweden” is in the lead in the category “Nature” in the EOCA public vote. What we do together works! Keep on sharing our website, our facebookpages and our Gif-animation on the front page as a banner, don’t forget to link it to and invite everyone to vote for the old-growth forest! […]

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