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Naturarvet celebrating 20 years with the old-growth forest!

On December 11, 2003, the collection foundation was born, and the world's finest Click for the Forest saw the day of light. Since then, the Click has become Naturarvet and is loved by all as the Protector of the old-growth forest. Read about how we are celebrating the anniversary and how you can help give a substantial gift to Naturarvet in the run up to Christmas.

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Old-growth forest

Most people know that Sweden is a country with a lot of forest. But not as many people know that only a very small part is untouched forest, known as old-growth forest. The worst thing is that half of these forests have no secure protection, and they are being cut down faster than they are protected. When old-growth forest is cut down and nature is transformed into landscaped tree plantations, large amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere and endangered species are pushed closer to extinction. A piece of priceless nature is lost forever.

Naturarvet wants to change that.
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Current and protected forests

Naturarvet has collected funds to purchase several old-growth forests that are now protected in perpetuity. Right now, we are raising money for three acquisitions that together make up Fågelskärsuddens old-growth forest on Gräsö in Uppland, an acquisition that is Ullersjöbäckens old-growth forest at Stora Blåsjön in Jämtland and an acquisition that is Ekås oak-beech forest in Gällared parish in Halland. Read more about the forests by clicking on the images below. Together we preserve the precious life on Earth!

Protect forest

There are different ways to contribute: become a Forest patron, protect "your own" patch of old-growth forest, give a gift, give shares/equity funds or write a will.

Forest with flame

About old-growth forest

Old-growth forests are more or less untouched forests that have not been managed by modern forestry and have therefore retained their natural life cycle. An old-growth forest has trees of all sorts and ages. There is dead wood in the form of 'deadwood' (dead tree trunks that are still standing), and 'fallen logs' (tree trunks that are lying on the ground and slowly decomposing). There are lots of fungi, herbs, insects, birds and other animals. Such forests provide the necessary conditions for many of Sweden's threatened species. Old-growth forests are vital for biodiversity and for mitigating the climate crisis.

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